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The A/C services are planned to tune-up your machine once or twice a year. The charges that they take for this preventive maintenance of the machine are 50% cheaper than reactive maintenance. Moreover, routine check-ups prevent your machine to develop complex defects. Small snags here and there get detected and are resolved. Overall, regular maintenance increases the life span of your unit. These services also offer you some discounts on replacement parts. Buying these replacement parts will otherwise dig a deep hole in your pocket if you buy them for full retail price.

Also, with a maintenance service, you become eligible for emergency priority service. Just imagine a situation when your AC suddenly stops running and the outside temperature is 80 degrees. You can rest assured that your service air conditioner company will come and check your unit on the same day you called. This is especially useful in peak months when AC usage reaches its heights and repair calls are also rampant. In reactive maintenance it may take days before repair technician reaches your house.

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