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Blog Title: How to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner?
How to improve the efficiency of an air conditioner?
Category: Commercial Heat And Cool Systems Post By: Allen Hall (San Jose, CA), 07/21/2016

If you have an old unit which has outlived its span then it better to replace it. Older units become inefficient with age. They consume more power to deliver the job. When you buy a new one, buy it of appropriate size with high SEER rate. If you have unit which is supposed to go for another few years, keep it well maintained by changing your air filters regularly, cleaning your coils, and performing regular tune-ups.

- Julia Martin (Charlotte, NC), 07/24/2016

It is very important to take care of our home heating and cooling systems. Air conditioners need on-time maintenance. Here are some tips to help increase the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and make your home cooler for less cost. 1. Clean debris from the unit’s housing and ensure that there is sufficient clearance around it. 2. Check air filters to ensure they are clean as dirty filters slow air circulation. 3. Ensure that ventilation fins are open properly. 4. Increase temperature settings when you are not in the home or at night while sleeping so that cooling is not wasted. 5. Ensure that any windows facing the western sun are covered with drapes or blinds in the afternoon. 6. Check your home for air leaks and insulate them. Home owners must also schedule a service and maintenance session from the residential heating NJ ( experts of the units after every three months to maintain optimal performance levels.

- (N/A), 01/28/2017
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