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Blog Title: What is an orphaned water heater?
What is an orphaned water heater?
Category: Ductless Ac & Heating Post By: Abigail Smith (Phoenix, AZ), 08/12/2016

In many house the both the heating system and water heater connect to the same flue pipe through which the exhaust gases are sent out. When the heating system is upgraded, the new one may not be compatible too the flue pipe. As result a new one is installed for it. The water heater on the other hand is left to use the old flue or the chimney all by itself. This can cause backdrafting. Remember, the chimney was designed for the larger amount of flue gases. When the furnace goes and it is the water heater sending exhaust gases out through it, the temperature and pressure could be so low that the gases cannot often overcome the slug of cold air inside the chimney. As result the flue gases come back into the CAZ.

- Abel Abott (Austin, TX), 08/14/2016
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