How To Reduce Ac Repair Costs On Gas Furnace?

Here are some easy ways that you can incorporate to cut down the operational cost of your furnace-

• You can buy a digital, programmable thermostat for your furnace. You can set it at specific temperatures at various time of the day. It will run at moderate levels when nobody is at home. It will automatically go higher or lower according to the season at those hours when you are at home. This will help to cut down you power bills. These days you have thermostat that understand your day-to-day schedule and adjusts the temperature accordingly. It operates on geo-fencing technology. Always ensure that the thermostat is not guarded by drapes or furniture. It is able to sample the room air well. Change the batteries of the thermostat as soon as they run out.

• Keep your house air-tight and insulated by using weather stripping in windows and doors. Use caulk, spray foam and gaskets in holes or gaps on the exterior walls. Sal leaks in your duct work, attic, basement and crawl spaces. Also get your duct cleaned from time to time. Ducts infested with dust compromise the efficiency level of your furnace.

• Change air filters frequently. A clogged filter restricts airflow and therefore exerts pressure on your furnace to work harder and longer to heat up the rooms.

• Set the furnace thermostat at 68° F or lower. For each degree you set below 68° F, you save 3 to 5 % of energy.

• Upgrade heating equipment to more efficient models if the older model has been serving for past 15 years. A new natural gas furnace could save you up to 20% in operating costs. Buy furnace with AFUE of over 90%, if you live in harshly cold region. They will be expensive but ensure low energy consumption.





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