What Is A Condensing Furnace And Why Is It So Efficient?

If you are looking for high efficiency furnace, the condensation furnace is your best choice. They come with AFUE ratings that are way higher than traditional furnaces. They have AFUE rating of minimum 90 percent. If you buy a higher-efficiency models in condensing furnaces then AFUE ratings will be in the upper 90 percentiles.

How it is different from conventional furnace?

A traditional unit just has one heat exchanger. When heat is generated by burning of fuel a certain amount of heat goes out of the chimney with exhaust gases in form of water vapour. This causes significant loss of energy in all combustion-based furnaces. To prevent this, condensing furnace has a second heat exchanger. The job of this second heat exchanger is to extract the heat from the water vapor and use it to heat your house. This implies more efficient use of energy that they consume and can significantly reduce their operating costs.

How does a condensing furnace work?

A condensation furnace works in the same way as that of a traditional furnace. The fuel burns, produces heat, and sends the heat to the heat exchanger. This heat is used to warm the air that will be circulated in the house. The by-product of the combustion which contains water vapour is then sent to the second heat exchanger where it is condensed and turned into a liquid. The process of condensation gives out heat which is used to warming the house. The resulting liquid is then drained out of your home through a PVC pipe.

Disadvantages of condensing furnaces

• The installation cost of condensing furnaces is more, although you will not need chimneys or flue to vent out the exhaust gases.

• With a condensing furnace, the corrosion issue will always be there that crops up due to condensation. The corrosion occurs as it produces an acidic condensate.

• Maintenance costs for high-efficiency furnaces ae also more. This is on account of complex and high-tech components. The problem of a clogged heat exchanger is rampant in case of condensing furnaces.

• A condensing furnace harasses the heat in the exhaust gases and uses it to heat the house. This renders it high-efficiency rating. The combustion products of natural gas condense when the flue gas temperature drops to roughly 125F. If the temperature is more than this it will not condense and the efficiency will be diminished.



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